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eGrowth Media is the property marketing agency built by investors for investors.  As active investors ourselves we understand the headache that comes with trying to compete for properties on the open market.  Trying to get a property below market value when you are competing with first-time buyers who are happy to pay above the asking price is a near-impossible task.  It is not just finding your next investment that is more competitive than ever before, even tenanting your property comes with the hassle of under-pricing yourself against local competition and live-in landlords.

So How Can We Help?

At eGrowth Media, we get you directly in front of the person you need to speak with.  We get your message across, in the right way, to the people that need to see it.  Whether that is distressed sellers looking for a quick sale or a young professional who has been frantically searching online for a room to rent.  We cut out the competition and give you access to opportunities that your competitors did not even know existed.

We combine our experience in property with our experience in marketing to get you results.  It is not about just creating a message and putting it on Facebook for all to see.  It is about carefully selecting a target audience who has what you need and creating a story that resonates with them on a personal level.  It is about building trust and credibility before your future client has even picked up the phone.

Direct to vendor marketing is not a new invention but, in our opinion, yellow bandit boards and hand-posting one hundred leaflets is a thing of the past.  Time is money and the time that you take handwriting letters to people who may not even be interested in your service is time and money wasted.

Facebook advertising is revolutionary for the property industry.  We carefully select the audience that sees your message to ensure that it is relevant to them.  The best thing about it?  We can run these adverts in the background while you view properties, raise finance, or just spend time with your family.  We control the whole process for you so that you never have to post a leaflet ever again. 

We Help:

  • Property Investors
  • Buy to Let Landlords/ Letting Agents
  • HMO Landlords/ Property Managers
  • Property Sourcer’s
  • Property Education Providers
  • Raising investor finance

Facebook and Instagram Advertising


Social Media advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies of the modern world. Using testing, optimizing, re-marketing, and leveraging we work to get your business’s message out to a hyper-targeted audience.  With over 2.2 billion people spending an average of 58 minutes a day on Facebook alone it truly is one of the best and most effective ways of getting your message out to a carefully selected audience.

Content Creation:

Looks good!

Sales Funnels:

By capturing emails and remarketing to them through email, is still immensely powerful, if done correctly.

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