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With over 10 Years Working my Way Up The Ladder For One Of The World’s Finest Hotel Groups, This Has Given me An Insight Into The World Of Hospitality To Be Able To Deliver A Guest Experience Like No Other. In Addition To my Hotel Experience I Also Ran my Own Serviced Accommodation Business For 3 Years And Worked In A Fine Dining Restaurant In London’s West-End. I’ve Implemented These Ideologies Into my Business So The Guests Return Time And Again.
Throughout my Career i Have also Won Numerous Awards Which Is A Testament To my Handwork, Determination And Passion For The Industry.

Welcome to our specialised secret shopper services designed to take your business to new heights of customer satisfaction.

With a keen focus on refining every aspect of your guest experience to optimise your operations, elevate guest satisfaction and generate more income, our tailored assessments provide invaluable insights for growth.

Service Accomodation

£499 service fee per day + travel and stay
£ 499
  • Effortless Booking Process: We step into the guest's shoes, making direct bookings with your team. Our evaluation focuses on the simplicity of the process and whether your team poses the right qualifying questions, ensuring a smooth booking experience.
  • Seamless Pre-Arrival Experience: Delve into the pre-arrival phase as we assess the information provided and the ease of property access based on the given details. The journey begins with a stress-free arrival for your guests.
  • Thorough On-Site Assessment: Allow us to experience your property firsthand with a minimum stay. We meticulously evaluate essential areas including the booking process, access to the property, cleanliness, maintenance standards, and the overall guest experience.


£499 service fee per day + travel and stay
£ 499
  • Streamlined Booking Process: We take the guest's perspective and directly interact with your team to assess the booking process. Our meticulous evaluation gauges the ease of the process, the presence of qualifying questions, and the accommodation of special requests.
  • Seamless Pre-Arrival Experience: We dive into the details of pre-arrival information and check-in procedures. Our focus is on simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring that guests begin their journey with ease and confidence.
  • Comprehensive On-Site Evaluation: Immerse yourself in our thorough evaluation by allowing us a minimum stay. We scrutinize essential aspects, including booking procedures, arrival experience, cleanliness standards, guest interactions, and the quality of additional services like spa and concierge. We can even engage with the events team at your request.

The analysis will be sent after of checkout along with deep analysis and areas to improve. From there I can either conduct in person training or group membership.

Group Training / Mentorship

£499 per month based on a minimum of 12 months
£ 499
  • Once The Analysis Has Taken Place There Will Be The Option To Have A Group Training Per Month Will We Talk About Challenges and Successes The Hospitality Experts Have Faced And How To Overcome Them. We will set actions and provide ongoing support.
  • You Will Also Receive A 30 Minute 1:1 Call Each Month Where you Can Book It When Required and have full access to the learning library which contains materials for training team members and industry updates.


£499 per day + travel & accommodation if required
£ 499
  • Authentic Guest Experience: We step into the shoes of your patrons, booking reservations and dining as regular guests. This authentic approach enables us to holistically evaluate your restaurant's offerings.
  • Comprehensive Analysis & Training: Our expertise goes beyond the meal. We meticulously analyze the customer journey, culminating in an in-depth report. Drawing from this analysis, we craft a tailored training program designed to refine your team's skills.
  • Focused Areas of Expertise: Booking Process: We assess the ease and efficiency of your reservation system, ensuring that the initial guest interaction is seamless. Service Excellence: Our evaluation focuses on service quality and guest interactions, identifying areas of strength and uncovering obstacles. Elevate your restaurant's reputation, enhance guest loyalty, and optimize operational efficiency with our transformative secret shopper services.

Our Methodology:

Within a short timeframe you’ll receive a detailed analysis that encompasses not only an overview of our observations but also an in-depth examination of areas ripe for improvement.

These insights serve as the foundation for transformative changes.

Pathways to Excellence:

Choose to propel your business forward by opting for our personalized in-person training sessions, tailored to address specific growth areas.

Alternatively, engage in our exclusive online group membership where you will have monthly calls with us and other likeminded hospitality leaders to ensure your business is making the important changes with our expert guidance and advise.

In person training

I can conduct the in person training myself for £500 per day (minimum of 5 days) however the ream will need to all be available or a manager in attendance.

They will also receive a full pack of what was covered and a new starter kit.

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