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Content is King

At eGrowth, we pride ourselves on our ability to get the most value for our customers when we’re running ad campaigns. However, you can’t have an effective campaign without good content. Check out a couple of examples below of content we’ve created which has gone on to create huge ROI when used in effective ad campaigns.

Gentleman's quarter

Gentleman’s Quarter is more than just a barbershop. They’re passionate about turning something, which can feel like a chore, into something that people look forward to doing. 

They’re a young, dynamic company that already understand the power of social media marketing. Together, we have run several campaigns that have created significant growth and is seeing Gentleman’s Quarter go from strength to strength. 


Sanoclenz is a brand new business, born out of the world’s growing need to keep customers and staff safe from harmful bacteria. Like all brand new businesses, the need to get the word out there is vital. After creating video and still ads, their campaigns go the ball rolling and their incredible product and work is seeing them grow rapidly already. 

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